Autumn news

I had a very happy and productive summer and early autumn!  Two opportunities to exhibit my paintings.  The first in a popular Art Venue set in the heart of Deeside and was delighted to sell three of my paintings there. I was a steward for two mornings and actually got to meet the buyers of my work, a lovely family from that area! They had reserved the paintings and heard I was in on the morning they came to purchase the works. It was really fine to meet them and have a nice chat about my paintings and to hear how much they enjoyed the works.

The second exhibition was set in my local library in Elgin that has a lovely very large exhibition space with nice lighting.  I shared the space with a fellow artist.  I was delighted to read the comment book and read the feedback on how peaceful and beautiful they felt my exhibition to be. I was focusing on mostly moorland and seascapes that were simple atmospheric subjects to create a feeling of silence and peace. I was very pleased to have sold two paintings there.

I am now busy tutoring my art classes and catching up on my paperwork. 

The season is turning once again. The golden days of autumn are now looking drab and cold in the mists and rains. Some cold frosty mornings too. A quiet and reflective time of the year and soon it will be time to write Christmas cards!

Wishing you my painting friends a peaceful autumn that finds you painting the days away!


  1. Winter comes and we hibernate - or draw within for new creativity to grow :) Love your work and so glad you were there when the couple came for your work - that is an amazing thing that warms the heart so much!!

    1. Thank you Rhonda,it was special to meet the family that bought my work, so often a gallery will sell a painting and I have no idea who has bought my work! We have a milder spell of weather here at the moment, but it is fine to be indoors and do some painting!

  2. Good morning Lass,

    Congrats on the exhibition successes and on the quality of your pieces. They truthfully present a picture of your environs and willingness to risk... and grow.

    Rich blessings of continued painting success and good health!

    Stay warm... and head down at the easel!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Thank you Bruce laddie for your lovely comment and fine wishes for the winter painting time! Just heading over to see how you are doing. Best wishes Caroline

  4. Dear Caroline - so good to see you with your lovely paintings. They are truly gorgeous. So glad you got to meet the buyers of your work too. Stay warm and safe and happy creating. Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie for visiting and for your lovely comment. It is getting cold here for the weekend then it will get a bit milder again next week! Stay warm!