Rabbit the Bruce

My dear sweet little fury friend Rabbit the Bruce sadly passed away just after Christmas. He had been my constant companion for almost six years. Always sitting in his window watching the seasons go by and being at peace with it all. He rejected his cage immediately on his arrival into our home, deciding to live like an indoor cat instead. With a litter and food eating area. He was such a character and I am still amazed at how so small and silent a creature can give so much to us that was beautiful.

I miss you little rabbit Bruce the empty room has lost your life and your joy. Now all that remains is silence.  I will love you forever! xxx

A sad farewell

I just heard the sad news that fellow blogging artist and facebook artist friend has very sadly departed this world to join the stars that shine so brightly in the sky at night. Jeffrey was such an inspiration, such a prolific artist I had no idea he created so many wonderful paintings. I was so glad he became my facebook friend as almost each day Jeffrey would post his latest painting. Also there would be a poem underneath as he was a great writer of poems too.  What I loved most about Jeffrey was that his paintings were so full of life and of sunshine.  His work was joyful.  I love that word! He had been successful in selling some paintings over the festive season and I was able to congratulate him, he kindly thanked me, he always had time for everyone.

I have posted one of my favourite paintings of Jeffrey's called 'Night passage' even his night scene depicts life and warmth. Almost a Canadian Van Gogh with his expressive magical skies of swirling clouds and his dancing trees!

May you rest in peace Jeffrey shine on!

New Year

oil painting 18 x 24 inches. Title 'Sea Mist'.

Time has simply flown by at great speed this festive season.  Yet on looking out to sea today I was aware that so little changes way out on the seas.  The way the bright light will fall on the water on an overcast or stormy afternoon. How the eye is drawn to that light again and again and it always is beautiful and it always represents hope. 

Each Christmas always brings it's ghosts of Christmas past, for a moment time stands still in the memory and we are taken back to those old Christmases of long ago.  It plays back in the mind with such accuracy even those childhood Christmas days too.  It can make you feel as if life is also rushing by and you can also feel a great loss for those family and friends who are no longer with us.  Feels like all of us are simply passing through this life experience. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  There is nothing we can do about halting time, we just have to make the most of the ride through life and count our blessings and look to the light whenever the opportunity arises.

Wishing you all my friends a Very Happy New Year!