rain and misty weather

'Highland glen' study 10 x 12 inches new masters acrylics by Old Holland.

We had a beautiful day of sunshine yesterday and I went out for a walk in the countryside close to my home. I am lucky to live on the edge of a forest and also farmlands with trees that surround it. I picked some wild flowers too that I brought home with me.

Today as forecast it is a different kind of day! misty and continual rain! the sky is so bright and white. The American landscape painter the late John Carlson who was a teacher of art and painter left us a wonderful landscape book that tells us everything we need to know about landscape painting. One of the things he writes about is that on a dull rainy day the sky is actually lighter and brighter than on a blue sky summers day. I can really appreciate that today as the sky is white with light!

Wishing you all a happy painting day!

north east coast

30 x 30 cm oil on linen canvas.

Once again I have been held back due to my health.  This time I have been suffering from Shingles which was a surprise, not as bad as it could have been but it has prevented me from going out sketching and spending days out.  Some days now it seems better but then seems to return and give me discomfort.  I can't complain really when I think what some people who are really ill have to deal with but it is hard at times to accept that I have to slow down for a while longer.

A strange summer regarding cool and wet weather for a great deal of it so far.  It has been very windy too.  But there have been some beautiful skies to gaze at and in our pond there are now several water lilies and a tiny frog who tends to just stick his head out between the lilies to say hello during the day!

I have been invited to exhibit four paintings for the Strathpeffer pavilion art fair.  This is one of the paintings I will be having framed up for the event in November.  I plan on putting in four seascapes showing different weather conditions but mostly based on the same view!  I love the variety of colour that can be seen during the ever changing weather conditions.

I hope my painting friends here in blogging land have been keeping busy! sorry for not commenting during the last month but I will be catching up with you all soon.

Happy painting to you all!