Summer days

small oil seascape painting on canvas 10 x 8 inches

There have been some dramatic skies this summer and warm days too, here in the Highlands of Scotland. Richard is on holiday and we have been out everyday strolling by the sea and avoiding the daily down pour of rain by keeping out of the shadows of the clouds.  The sea has been so beautiful, so green and the boats gently bob up and down on calm waves. Even the bees that collect the pollen from the daisies that grow by the sea also fly out to sea, we have no idea why they do that!

I have been experimenting with palette knife paintings and it was a nice way to pass some time during the late springtime. Yet once again I found myself returning to my moody seascapes that I enjoy so much to paint and these are painted purely with the brush and involves a lot of blending. It takes a while to paint the large canvases so I have been painting on the very small canvases mainly as a learning tool. In a small space there is so much you can do, to be brave and not worry about mistakes as it is only on a very small space after all! I do have a large canvas on the easel too but only add a little to the painting when I have the time and inclination as I have a big area of sky to repaint. There is always the concern with a large painting that one alteration could mean I have to change the whole painting in order for it to look in balance. But that is the challenge and if painting was easy would we enjoy it so much!

I have missed my blog, I still get trouble trying to get into my blog but I have managed it again successfully. It feels like a secret garden that on certain days the door refuses to open to let me in to my quiet place. This is a quiet place so unlike facebook. It feels good to be back here today typing away in the middle of the night instead of retiring and sleeping!  I hope I can find my way back here soon.

Happy painting to you all!