Incoming mist

'Incoming mist' 50 x 50 cm. oil on canvas.

Lots of days of rain, wind and chilly weather in general.  Fortunately there has been plenty to keep me occupied with classes and taking paintings to galleries for the summer gallery artists exhibition.  I got some good news of sales in all the galleries I show my work which has been so encouraging to hear.  Though hard at times to say goodbye to my old friends the favourite paintings as it has been those ones that have been sold.  Strange how some paintings we as artists enjoy painting and don't seem to mind them leaving us.  But others seem to be a part of us and our life and those are the ones that are hard to say goodbye to.   Fortunately in this world of technology we can have an online image presence of them and also a print out.  The good news is that those who buy them are happy to own them and that makes everything so worthwhile.

I had a new treatment on my neck and shoulders recently called the Bowman technique and I am very surprised to see that so far for the last week I have been feeling my old self again! long may it continue!

Wishing you all happy painting days!