Back to the palette knife paintings.

Greetings to you all!  It is a very wet and quite cold summer here so far.  As I write the rain is still falling and will do so until the end of the week.  I haven't minded too much, have got on with things and am kept busy with my art classes and also returning to palette knife painting.

I am having a big studio and general clear out, lots of reorganizing and time to throw out things that are not used!  It will take a good long time to do as I also found I have too much stuff in general all over the house that simply are not used.  Also old paperwork that has to go too! Why do I hoard so much!!

I finally accepted that the way forward now is with the palette knife work and am managing to do one once a week at the moment. Lots to keep me busy with new canvases to work on and some exhibitions due this year too.

I got a frame for one of the paintings I did in May which is a coastal scene.  I am very pleased with it and it is reasonably priced too.

It is very quiet here in blogging land these days but I do hope to hear from some of my old friends if they are still around.

Wishing you lots of happy painting days.



  1. Hi there Lass!... T'is your Canadian agent reporting for duty... and pleasure! Sounds like we both have been into the cleaning mode... and some adjusting our sights for further direction.

    This latest wee piece of palette knife work is a masterpiece in my humble opinion Caroline - your best offering yet!!! I do hope that you will continue to follow your instincts and feel for this new painting tool!


    Forget about those who have abandoned the blogging world. Continue to use it as you have. Your only responsibility is to yourself. Words combined with pigment add further learning opportunities for you and others like myself who look forward to our connection! Thank you for making my day... and for raising up my spirit!

    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi Bruce lovely to hear from you! I can't believe I have been away from blogging land once again for far too long! I really do appreciate your words. Thank you!