Atmospheric Sky

'Atmospheric Sky' 20 x 16 inches.

I had started this oil painting a little while ago and it got forgotten. I was trying to have a more interesting foreground yet when I made changes it was taking distracting the eye from the sky and the drama that was present there.  Finally I put the painting back onto the easel and decided to simply focus on the sky and let the work be about the atmospheric sky. While we have been fortunate for a while not to have many storms there was a spell of moody weather about a week ago that brought in lots of nice skies especially in the early evening when here in the highlands it is still light.  There have certainly been some beautiful skies.  As I type here tonight it is after 8.30 pm and there is a soft pastel blue sky with apricot clouds that have grey and soft edges which threaten rain.

The cherry and the lilac trees are in full bloom and everything looks a lush green elsewhere in the garden. There are many birds too, blackbirds, robins, hedge sparrows, woodpecker that flies in from the pine forest close to our home and finches. There have been other visitors that fly in for the day and then seem to disappear, perhaps they stop here on route to somewhere else.

My art room needs another tidy up, it never seems to stay tidy for long, then I find I need something and then out comes everything!  I am busy tutoring before the holidays begin and then there is a break during July and August with just two afternoons being held for a summer class. I have plenty of paintings to finish, like the 'Atmospheric sky' painting it is time I got them all finished!

I wish you all a happy Spring time and happy painting!