Morning light is an oil painting of one of the beaches here locally.  I have been sketching and painting some very small beach paintings.  But they have been taking me a while to create.  Strange how even small paintings take their time to come into being.  However what is the rush!

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Spring time!  Best wishes Caroline

Snow painting

I have been busy during January working on my snow painting. It is a big canvas and I am using oil paints. I was painting this subject for the class I run once a week and the tutorial was about getting your tonal values right. Often when painting trees against a sky it can be tricky to get the tonal values right. I very much enjoyed painting this scene and it took me a long time which is a good thing!

I am now working on a river scene which is certainly turning into an epic! and it is still not near completion. But what is the rush! there isn't one. Painting is to be enjoyed!

I hope you are painting too and are not too snowed up or suffering from the storms!

Best wishes
Painting in the highlands of Scotland!

Drawing of a stone and a painting

Happy New Year to you all!!

I love drawing and still find it the most relaxing of art activities.  I was set the task of drawing a stone and then painting a stone using fine brush work when I took an online course quite a few years ago with the artist/mentor Deborah Paris. I did find the task quite hard in that I had to slow right down and focus!  Not always an easy thing to do!  I put on an audio book and settled into the task and finally discovered I was really enjoying myself!

Remember to take time to slow right down and take life easy so you can appreciate it fully!

Best wishes to you all