Winter's day

'winter's day'
oil on canvas board 10 x 12 inches 

So far we have been fortunate not to have too much snow but we have had a lot of wild storms that have brought many fine old trees down. One of my favourite walks by Brodie castle have had a lot of beautiful trees down so the walk around the pond may not be open for a while.  It is sad to see the old trees many of them surviving many many years in age now fallen. I often think they must have seen a lot in their time!

I am able to do some painting and am getting work ready for a winter exhibition over at Milton Gallery near Banchory by Crathes castle where I have been asked to put in up to six paintings. The title of the exhibition is about the elements so I think my works will be very expressive on that subject!

I have returned to my old love of the glazed paintings and have even been working on a large canvas again! I am using acrylics as they are excellent if you want to get ideas down and they are also good for mists and effects on textured boards.  I am looking forward to seeing the sun again, hope it will come around soon!
Happy painting to you all!

tiny holiday paintings for Ulrike to see!

During my festive holidays I found a quiet time to create some tiny 5 x 7 inch oil paintings. I really enjoyed painting these and have another almost finished on the easel as I write here! First of all the small size of canvas is good as it gives the artist a lot of opportunity to be bold and not worry about the outcome too much. Also as oil paints take a while to dry it is good to get the painting to a point then leave it while I start another one. A tiny canvas can be done fairly quickly in one sitting then you can add another layer or glaze later on after some careful thought.  These are paintings of my local area.

I was chatting to my friend Ulrike on the phone this evening and I said I would post these paintings for her to see after all she lives a long way away in Bremen Germany!