I arise from dreams of thee
In the first sweet sleep of
night, when the winds are
breathing low, and the 
stars are shining bright.


We are all getting impatient for Spring to arrive, I have spring bulbs that have bloomed on my window sill in my kitchen, just to brighten up everything. The wild garden we have looks forlorn and forgotten though the snowdrops are out beneath the cherry tree. The weather keeps changing from the storms of January to February's sudden snow showers, cold days and then milder wet days. But on the whole things out there look grey! This grey isle! But suddenly around tea time the sky will clear for a short while and such a lovely sky will appear, all blue with gold and everything is full of light, as if the sky is smiling down on us!

I have been getting paintings ready for an art exhibition in one of our Aberdeenshire galleries it is not always easy to make your own decisions on your own paintings but I think I have got there and am satisfied that the works are looking acceptable and pleasing to the eye. I have now chosen five new works. There are other artists that have been invited from the borders so I am now aware of the kind of work they do too, it is always interesting to see new artist's work. The art exhibition is about the Sky and the Sea so I was pleased to come across this poem by Shelley that while it is from a long time ago, another age it is indeed a lovely poem to read. My painting 'Early Evening' is still waiting for the right frame to come along! I tried it in a gold frame which didn't really suit it, so for now it is without one and will wait in my studio until another time. This painting is not going into the exhibition but I thought it went well with the poem!