Wishing you a joyful festive season

'sea storm near the coast' oil on linen board.

Once again I am a bit late to arrive in blogging land. It has been a busy time and also a time to have a break away from the computer to spend time with Richard hubby and to go walking out into the countryside with the hope of seeing perhaps some snow! We had a hard frost on Christmas day which made everything have a festive feel to it which was lovely, we watched the birds feeding in the garden and played with our pet rabbit Bruce. For Richard's birthday we went to Aviemore and saw some snowy mountains but even they had areas of no snow at all. But the skies were so beautiful everyone visiting took out their phones to hold them up to capture the moment. There were also cameras on tripods on the beach by the loch taking shots of the sky at the late afternoon brought us fantastic lilac, deep orange and pink skies. The glow from the diminishing sky was very beautiful. Loch Morlich is such a wonderful place, pine forests, mountains, sandy beach and great walks.  I always leave my camera at home but in my memory this was a day to remember with fond thoughts!

Happy painting to you all and all the very best to you for 2015!!