Easter Weekend

It has been a very busy month and finally things are a bit quieter.  I can now think about my paintings that I am getting ready for my joint art exhibition in October this year.  I did have a few ideas a while ago about the paintings I wanted to add to my original art exhibition that was held almost three years ago!  I had a bit of a break away from painting in my original style due to having a painful shoulder.  However I once again find myself able to return to my smoother painting style by working for small periods of time.  I had an Indian Head massage from my physio lady yesterday! it really is amazing as it is quite healing and it does help me to relax more.  So I am hoping my improved shoulder will remain well especially with this new treatment!

The oil painting you see here is titled' The dark hour' and it is a peaceful painting about evening starting to fall. I wanted to create a more meditative piece than my more usual stormy seascapes. I had discovered that by using a transparent blue on the shale dark foreground that it created a shimmer which is nice.  However even though I thought I had finished the painting, I discovered a couple of marks in the sky that now need to be addressed!!

It was a very warm day today and I had a lovely walk by the lake and saw two frogs sitting on the path! I was a bit surprised to see them out of the water as it was a warm afternoon!

I don't quite understand why blogger decided to ask me to update my details and my photo, so now you see me looking very blurry! however many photos I try to put in, they each look blurry, so I have to accept this situation! A bit frustrating really as I can't understand why blogger couldn't keep the original photo!

I hope you all have a peaceful Easter and that you find some time to get out your paints and enjoy time in the sunshine!

Best wishes to you all
Caroline in Scotland!