Look what came in the post!

Rhonda's bonny bunny painted postcard with the pretty pink ears, looks perfect in our bunny area, Brucie bunny's photo is to the right on the floor where he used to sit.

Bruce's stunning card that is a fine example of loose painting yet is also very detailed.

Bruce Sherman's pretty painting is full of sunny colours that are joyful. The little cruise boat creates a summer holiday feel. 

We make new friends during our life which is always a joy.  Yet in this day of the internet we make good friends that we have never met before.  However this year I did meet a facebook friend for the first time and she was exactly as I imagined her to be. I remember years ago meeting a friend from blogging land who also was just as I imagined him.  I met with my painting pal Tamsin the artist Keith Tilley when he came to Elgin to exhibit at the museum a few years ago.  Keith was and still is with us in blogging land and his paintings are still so beautiful. 

Rhonda's painted card of a bunny came at an important time to me personally.  It may sound silly but I am still missing my dear departed bunny Rabbit the Bruce.  He was a constant companion for almost six years, there was something so sweet about him how while I worked at the table he would be sitting in the window either gazing out at the world or gazing at me!  His quiet presence was so peaceful and reassuring.  Thank you Rhonda for your gift of this dear little rabbit. Rhonda's blog is very colourful and she likes very much to experiment with art materials.  She can create the most magical birds with simple washes. Her crows to me personally are very strong works. Crows are intelligent birds and have lots to say when sitting on fences in the fields near my home!

Thank you to Bruce Sherman a long time blogging friend of days of old when we were a bigger gang of pals.  I admit I left blogging land for a while mostly because google did something to my account and I just couldn't get back in. Once in, strangely through a link to my blog on Bruce's blog I gained access again, but I must never sign out!  Bruce's blog is also very much a wee journal of his life.  He writes very well and has the gift of being able to express himself through words and lovely paintings.  There is a depth and spiritual quality that always has me thinking more about the mystery of life.  

 I do like the quiet place that blogging land is, it seems more like a journal that a public place.  I do love my facebook page too, I actually have two one for my friends which also happen to almost all be artists! and one for my art, the art one is a link from my webpage.  I do know many folk feel a bit fazed out with too much internet activity.  I still yearn for the old days of no internet, yet it is also a wonderful place to look up History, Art, medical stuff, films etc. And a good way to stay in touch with pals.  But does it perhaps take away the effort and joy of going to visit friends as we did in the old days.  I am guilty of messaging friends instead of inviting them over for coffee!  Yet saying a few words every day or now and again is a good way to stay in touch too.  My aunt and uncle still use the phone and write letters which is really lovely.  And when I received these beautiful gifts through the post from Rhonda and Bruce I wanted to share them with you. My aunt who is an artist too has drawn and painted some wonderful things too for me.  I will share those with you very soon.  

Let us celebrate today the gift of friendship, it really is very precious. 

Happy painting to you all!


  1. Beautiful paintings and a lovely post. I love how the internet has opened up my world in being able to 'talk' to other artists. It can be a solitary thing being a creative at times.

    Sorry to read that you are still feeling the hole left by your bunny - hugs.

    1. Thank you Lisa for your kind wishes, we decided to get a rescue cat, but she is very unsettled and we are not getting much sleep! Hope she settles soon. Seems strange having a cat again after my dear bunny.

  2. Dear Caroline - I also blog with Rhonda and visit Bruce...friends are wonderful in person and like all of us those special ones we see face to face and those we touch through blogland. However the method - it is such a blessing to connect with kindred spirits. This is why I come to visit you. We may never meet in person in this life (or we may - who knows!) but time and space never separates the ones we were meant to connect with here on earth. For that reason I am with you - let us celebrate friendship - you are so right - very precious. Have a beautiful day friend. Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely message Debbie. I found your beautiful blog through Bruce's blog. It is indeed an amazing wee world! Thanks for dropping by to say hello.

  3. Hello Caroline,

    It doesn't sound silly at all for you to be missing Bruce, your rabbit. Our pets become so much part of our lives that they leave a big space when they are gone. I have had several dogs and losing them was hard, but they enriched my life so much while they were with me, and they have left many precious memories.

    The internet is a strange world: social media sites, with their easy 'likes' and selective timelines can feel cold at times. I agree with you that connections made through blogging have a more personal and meaningful feel to them.

    So best wishes from one blogging friend to another!

  4. Hi Keith, we decided to get a cat that needed a home. We had a cat before my bunny and he was a great cat called Angus. Our new cat is still settling in and seems either very hyper or sleeps! Finding it hard to get some sleep at the moment due to the cat. Thinking back I have had quite a few pets, dogs too and they each had their own personality. Somehow my bunny was very special to me. Maybe I am really a bunny fan after all! He was my first and only rabbit and it was quite an experience having him live in the house!

    I don't know if you kept your facebook going I think it was before Christmas that you last posted one of your watercolours. I do have artist friends there which is nice though you do need to be very selective with the friend requests. I guess at times all the glittery bright lights of facebook can be easy to get lost in. Much quieter in blogging land which is nice and more like keeping a journal going!
    Best wishes to you Keith and Happy Painting!

  5. The little bunny looks so at home there; I am so pleased you are happy with the little postcard. And it’s so wonderful to make blog friends (reminds of what the internet and all our time on our computers is supposed to be about) all over the world!