Vincent again

He has a bit of a sun tan but for now it will have to stay that way. He has been repainted a few times and gone from pink to yellow to tanned! His jacket was bright blue and now it is a quiet grey blue. I could go on much more.  Yet I am tired now and feel the freshness of the work will leave if I carry on any further.  I had so much to say about the work, how I felt, what colours I used, what brushes, how much paint, what the swirls did to the final work. Yet somehow I haven't anything left to say other than something that the artist Alberto Giacometti said, ' a portrait is never finished'!  I agree!

Now a quiet time to tidy and clean our home and then during that time I am hoping my muse will appear for the next portrait!!!

Happy Painting to you all!


  1. Dear Caroline I think what catches my attention most is the eyes...they make him look so alive. The light in them adds a reflective touch. This really turned out beautifully. As for the muse mine often shows up when I am cleaning house - bet yours will too. Hugs!

  2. Many thanks Debbie, you are certainly right about the muse tending to turn up during house cleaning time! However this time I am simply wishing I could get into my art room to just paint anything! But I must be patient and get everything cleaned, washed sorted and tidied first! I decided today to sort my wardrobe of clothes out, there were items I just never wear, yet feel I don't want to part with them just yet. So I have moved them away into another wardrobe until another day! Seems once I start focusing on the house new things grab my attention that need doing!! Have a lovely week!