The fourth stage

Another almost three hours spent on the Monet portrait. I so work very slowly but I am really enjoying the experience so much.  This is a portrait that Monet painted of himself, I want to walk in his path, as I lay the paint down I think 'now did Monet mix that colour and use that size of brush'!! I need to now wait for the mouth and beard area to dry before going any further.  I plan to add a cooler glaze on those areas.  I have started the Van Gogh portrait this afternoon.  This is often the part that takes the longest for me which is carefully drawing the features so I can try and get a close likeness.  We still have snow here but I was able to get out today to the library and art supply shop!

Happy Painting to you all!!!


  1. Beard painting must be a challenge! I have enjoyed looking at the stages and look forward to seeing Vincent - intricate work.

    So glad you are keeping warm. Our snow only lasted a couple of days - day two had freezing rain fall on top. I've never seen sheet ice on top of snow. We smashed it with garden spades to get to the snow underneath to make a snowman :o) Hope you keep warm.

  2. Thanks Lisa, the portraits are a challenge that I am really enjoying. I am looking forward to making a start on my Vincent painting. Though I have a busy week ahead, I hope I make it to my easel! Weather is OK here as I am close to the coast, in land it is worse! Sheets of ice is really dangerous if you are walking or driving. Glad you were able to make your snowman!

  3. Dear Caroline - doing some catching up. Your portrait of Monet is super. Your choice of colors is amazing. Will be looking forward to seeing this one finished and perhaps a peek at Van Gogh. Take care and thanks for stopping to wish my Mom well. She is getting better - Hugs!

  4. So glad to hear your mother is getting better Debbie, that will be a relief! Time is so precious isn't it! I do need to finish my Monet painting and also find time to get on with Vincent! Busy week here though......! Thank you so much for dropping by and your nice comment.

  5. I've thought about all the artists who've come before us, famous and not famous, and how any of them would make great subjects for portraits - but have never done it myself. I admire your painting challenge for yourself to paint a few of our favorites :)

  6. Many thanks Rhonda, a while back I focused on drawing authors from the past from black and white photos it was very interesting. Yet colour is always an exciting challenge all of it's own. I hope I keep going with the painting challenge as I have just had a really busy week when I wasn't at home much at all! Am planning days at home next week and will carry on with my painting tomorrow. Just finished drawing the Van Gogh self portrait!

  7. Hello Caroline, this is certainly something a bit different! I think portraits must be among the hardest subjects to paint, because we are all so familiar with faces and can see when anything doesn't look right. No problems here though, because this is looking good, and I love all the touches of colour.

    1. Hi Keith, it is a bit different for sure! but I am loving the experience of painting portraits though will need to keep practicing. I am on stage three of my Vincent painting so hope to get on with the painting more this week. I spent last week going out too much!! Many thanks for your comment.

  8. Good morning Lass... Portraiture surely is a demanding genre... more because we look at "camera effects" as the expectation of final product.

    If one looks at the portrait and the face as similar versions of the landscape... lines, planes and value shifts in color and contrast, then the path forward seems less daunting.

    You are well on the waY TO LEArning from your experience and the product success says that. Next step ... might be ... away from the "copy" approach... to a "selfie."

    What do you think????

    I wonder...
    Warmest regards and Blessings,

  9. Hi Laddie! I think I will keep to the copies for now Bruce. I really am learning so much and by painting in their footsteps so to speak I feel it is quite a special connection between artists past and me present! I am painting Vincent at the moment and am getting a very different feeling from this project. While his self portrait looks so expressive, when I come to paint it I find it is actually quite restrained! There is indeed a careful plan to his way of painting. It is not the wild painterly stuff we see these days. Vincent actually was very disciplined and a careful painter. More on this later in my next posting. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your comment Bruce!