palette knife paintings

For a while now I have been working on almost three different styles of paintings. Traditional seascapes with nice skies, quiet moody minimalist and limited palette seascapes and lastly the palette knife paintings which while still have large skies I have not felt they looked like my style of work. However the palette knife works do have a lot of energy and do work well on a small scale. The painting here in oils is 5 x 7 inches and is of a coastal area mostly from my imagination. The main idea is to try and create freshness with the thick paint and a feeling of life and movement. In many ways I would like to commit myself to painting one style of painting so that I could feel I was making progress instead of switching from one style to another just for a change. How can I progress forward if I carry on this way!  Interesting is that my studio is having a big clear out too which is taking ages! once everything is out the problem is finding places for it to go back! And the purpose is to also remove clutter!

I really want to commit to the palette knife paintings and see where the road takes me. To just focus on them.

Autumn is really here now, also the nights are drawing in. There is always that feeling of almost loss at this time of the year. Seeing the leaves fall, the leaves turning then fading and finally becoming crisp and dull looking. The branches bare, the shrubs diminished by it all as the wind whips through them and takes their berries away. Late flowers in the garden seem to be all the more brighter and more fragile looking as the surrounding flowers fade away and all seems gold and brown all at once. The bird life is very lively as they all rush about the garden gathering berries and tweeting with glee. I have to now remember to go and fill the feeders though the birds are so greedy the feeder becomes empty in just a day! Wild winds, rain, dim light, and that feeling again of loss. Wanting summer to never leave yet knowing the changing seasons are a beautiful thing too.

Wishing you happy painting days!


  1. We have lost many of our birds...guess they have moved south for the winter (although our predictors say we are going to have an abnormally warm winter?). The palette knife painting does have life and energy - lots of movement. I, too, thought it not your "style" but why box ourselves into one style when we could be doing so much more and sometimes exploring something new can excite and energize us to move into something else down the road? Just my opinion as I constantly jump here and there, exhausting at times and, yes, even feeling "fake" at times, but it's all part of the process of growing and exploring - and expanding our art tool box :)

  2. Your words are always so wise and valued Rhonda. And uplifting too. I would like to explore one path and see where that journey would take me, yet I come across another path on the way and think I must see where that will take me! usually to getting distracted! I will have to live with the two styles for now and not fight them anymore.....

  3. Good morning Lass!... Aa artists, and as your closing comments and observations about the new activities of change suggest... we live close to nature and feel the transition more than most. The sense of loss is evident in our thoughts and as well in our painting.

    Searching for new paths is part of the creative journey Caroline. Only that restlessness can bring about growth. Clutter is a part of my process as well (to my wife's chagrin... and chiding) but it is a part of my sorting out... and filing of my thoughts.

    I like these smaller palette knife works Lass. THough they do follow your own identifiably Simmillesque expressive style... this one in particular speaks with a Turner flourish of atmosphere and color. That's a huge compliment Lass.

    "Follow your heart. It knows where it's going"... and it is a good one!

    Good Painting... and fall blessings of Peace and Joy!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Thank you so much Bruce for your encouraging words! I finally got my art room tidier though strangely little actually got thrown out! But I know where everything is and I feel better for the sort out.