'Stormy sky'

Oil painting depicting a summer storm.  Painted on canvas 12 x 16 inches.

As the days move at a fast rate towards Christmas I have managed to find a little time in my studio to paint.  I am painting a large seascape painting, however I am being challenged by my use of colour! The sky is coming along just fine, yet I found myself putting too much purple into the sea! I thought it would be fine, yet the following day it just looked very wrong.  I then used Hansa Yellow to try and tone it all down, but that has been far too strong a colour.  So for now I have to let that dry and then try and work some more on the painting hopefully on Monday. 

The oil painting posted here is of a storm coming in, I wasn't going to use the yellow for the land area yet finally I found it was what was needed so I went and used it.  The painting reminds me of summer storms they have such strength and strong contrasts in the lighting too.  

We have had so many days here of late that are very damp and cold.  No freezing weather at the moment for which I am pleased about.  However I do think that cold and dry weather is much better for my health!  I hope the beginnings of my cold doesn't get much worse!

Best wishes to you all and hope we will all have some nice sunny weather real soon!

Happy Painting, Caroline


  1. Hi there Lass!

    As stormy... and as broodingly threatening as your sky so effectively portrays... your counter point created below it with your rich organic greens and bright light help create a vast and dynamic landscape! Bravo Lass!!! Paint away!!!

    Rich Christmas blessings of Peace and Joy!

    1. Hi there Bruce, lovely to hear from you and for your comment too. Have a peaceful Christmas with your dear family. Caroline

  2. Very ominous! So much rain and more rain...the sky has been just like that rather a lot down here the last few weeks and no end in sight. I hope you don't suffer too much with the latest storm to arrive. Best wishes.

  3. Hi Lisa, it has been a good week of weather all considering, at least we see the sun! There have been storms forecast but it all seems to pass us by! Thank you for dropping by! Best wishes Caroline