Homes found

Dear painting friends,

Once again two months have flown by without me visiting my blog.  Interesting how we get distracted by other things.  However I have been carrying on with my palette knife painting. Not always easy to do, as I sometimes wish to paint in another way that I used to do in the past.  However the palette knife is my new friend! it is easy on my shoulder that is prone to muscle tension and pain, it is a new venture into new territories and it has a big element of surprise to it! I can start with a plan of action, yet once the painting starts something else very unexpected starts to happen, all that I have learnt over the years does indeed come to mind as I work.  I need to make sense of the scene I am painting from my memory. I have recently painted some very abstract works, yet after a few hours I would revisit the works and try to tidy them up and introduce elements to the work that would make more sense to the view and make them abstract landscapes.

I was so happy over the festive season to discover these two small palette knife paintings had sold from a couple of galleries I show with. So pleased to know they have found new homes and are loved!

I do have some events to attend with my paintings this year, so I must find time to carry on with the paintings.

I will end here, the sun is finally shining here, after such a snowy night. Love to see the blue sky and gentle Constable like clouds simply....floating by!

Happy painting my friends1



  1. It’s so wonderful that your new style is suiting you so well and that the works are also resonating with others :). Also good that this type of painting causes you less shoulder pain.

    1. Hello Rhonda, many thanks and how lovely to hear from you. I am really pleased that I have found a way forward to keep being creative. It is a journey all of it's own!

  2. Hello Lass!... From the frozen... blizzard painted barrens of The Thousand Islands, Canada! It has been a fiercely cold day at-20C - not fit for man or beast!!

    I absolutely love your knife paintings Caroline! While they lean towards the abstract in form... your buttery knife work offers rich warmth and texture... that encourages and invites one's imagination to suggest conjured up "realities" that reach well beyond simple replications of reality. It's exciting the the eye and the mind.

    Bravo Lass! Keep pushing forward Joyfully and playing with the pigment! Looking forward to what's next... from Scotland!!!

    Warmest regards... and Good Painting!
    Rich Blessings!

  3. Bruce laddie! great to hear from you and sorry to hear that it is so bitterly cold with you. I saw on the news forecast that America and Canada are pretty frozen landscapes with temperatures plummeting. May you and Deb keep warm and cosy for the remainder of this long winter. I am getting used to the new style which I guess is not so new anymore! It is an adventure, just letting the paint be so expressive. And yes so nice that two have found new homes!

  4. Caroline just catching up with you. Your paintings using the palette knife are full of beauty and texture. Very captivating. Hope you are having a wonderful end to February. Hugs!

  5. Thank you so much Debbie for your kind words and good wishes. Spring has just arrived with daffodils everywhere. Good to say goodbye at last to winter!