A sad farewell

I just heard the sad news that fellow blogging artist and facebook artist friend has very sadly departed this world to join the stars that shine so brightly in the sky at night. Jeffrey was such an inspiration, such a prolific artist I had no idea he created so many wonderful paintings. I was so glad he became my facebook friend as almost each day Jeffrey would post his latest painting. Also there would be a poem underneath as he was a great writer of poems too.  What I loved most about Jeffrey was that his paintings were so full of life and of sunshine.  His work was joyful.  I love that word! He had been successful in selling some paintings over the festive season and I was able to congratulate him, he kindly thanked me, he always had time for everyone.

I have posted one of my favourite paintings of Jeffrey's called 'Night passage' even his night scene depicts life and warmth. Almost a Canadian Van Gogh with his expressive magical skies of swirling clouds and his dancing trees!

May you rest in peace Jeffrey shine on!


  1. Dear Caroline... My heart shares your sadness in receiving the news of Jeffrey's sudden passing. While I do indeed feel that great sense of loss of a mentor... friend and fellow traveller... I feel grateful to have shared his company and his joy of living. Those are his legacy to us... along with his body of Canadian masterworks and brilliant prose.

    I would borrow these words from anaother traveller, photographer/author/art hiostorian and friend Peter Coffman. They seem appropriate at this moment to describe Jeffrey Boron's achioevements... and loss:

    "Every time something is taken away, something else is given."
    -Peter Coffman in his latest book "camino"

    Thank you for your gifts Jeffrey. Your place among the stars is well earned.Do shine down upon us all who miss you today... and always.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Lass... Please excuse the numerous 'typos"! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of new specs... these trifocals are totally frustrating; as useless as teats on a bull! Again... my apologies! I'll do better (I hope) ... soon! HA HA!


  3. Thank you Bruce, good to hear your words. Jeffrey will indeed continue to shine down upon us. In Peter Coffman's words, 'Every time something is taken away, something else is given'. Sometimes we cannot see what it is that is given as our mind and heart is closed for a while. Yet in time those words become a truth and a reality. Hope you get your new specs soon Bruce!

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