On the easel today

On the easel today is an oil painting 12 x 16 inches of a favourite bay here in Moray. I have painted this scene three times now each time varying the time of day, colours etc. I still have some more to do on this painting.  This is the last week of my holidays away from the tutoring.  It has taken a while to get back into my painting this year. I had another session with my new physio and the way forward is for me to paint for just an hour a day, which I have been managing to do.  As I love seascapes so much I thought I would carry on with my favourite view which is about half an hour from where I live. The great thing about the sea is that it always looks different, depending on weather and lighting conditions so I thought I could try and vary the same scene in as many ways possible.  I still need to tidy up the foreshore and think about the water area some more!

I hope you are all well and painting during this fine summer we are having.  Autumn is just starting here, the cherry tree is starting to turn her leaves to russet red and brown and other shrubs and trees are starting to follow her.  It is very windy today and mild too. There has been quite a bit of rain this year but it always manages to shine with sun at intervals. At least it has not been chilly. I have memories of past summers wearing a warm waterproof at least you only need to take a brolly out with you and not a jacket!


  1. Good morning Lass!... Nice to see you working with your your old friend the seashore. That atmospheric treatment is spot on Simmill... so your physio visits and advice are well worthwhile.

    Summer has fled the Thousand Islands with the "summer folk". The air is filled tell-tale smells of ripeness in the fields. Skeins of anxious Canada Geese are practising for their fast-approaching exodus southward. Water levelas are approaching their more anticipated lower levels. There is that crispness in the morning air.

    In short... fall is upon us!

    Keep up the good work with your painting. I will be checking in!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Great to hear from you Bruce. It must be fine and peaceful by the lake and the crispness of the morning air. It is the same here, the leaves are starting to change on more of the trees. Sun is shining here too this morning, though more rain is forecast! Thank you for commenting on my painting. Best wishes Caroline

  3. Dear Caroline - I was visiting Bruce and clicked on your name. Your painting of the seashore is stunning...such a beautiful and serene view. It is as if I am standing at the very edge. So lovely. Glad I came over to visit.

  4. Thank you Debbie it is nice to meet you here in blogging land!Thank you for your kind words about my painting.