autumn evenings

autumn evening study

Everything outside is almost golden and bright, the dark pines in the forest are the perfect back drop for the ball gowns of the trees that almost seem to dance before it.

My art students and some invited local artists took part in a charity art exhibition that I organised and ran.  I would say it was so interesting to do, yet completely exhausting!  Those who took part and those who visited the exhibition that ran for the weekend including a preview evening really enjoyed themselves.
The large hall seemed to have an atmosphere of calm and beauty about it during the show, and once the exhibition was taken down on Sunday evening I immediately noticed the life had gone out of the place.  It had been as if all those artists had a part of themselves within their works!

 I have always loved paintings from a young age, as a child they were always represented peace and happiness to me.  My local library which was terribly small had some original oil paintings done in the traditional style, I think some would have been Victorian, I used to love spending time there as a child just gazing at these paintings probably more than looking at books which I also love.

I do hope in this world of technology we don't lost the interest of going to see original paintings in an exhibition, while the numbers that came through the door were low the comments made from those who did turn out to the preview and weekend exhibition was very positive.  They appreciated the very good standard of drawing and painting skills and it was good to hear that the public still have that ability to tell what is good well produced art and to be able to talk about it.  

My little autumn evening tree study is very small yet to me depicts this time of the year and the mood of it. Wishing you all happy autumn days of sunshine, mists and golden glory!


  1. Beautiful painting, Caroline. I try to see real art whenever can because there is nothing else like it - you don't get the real feel of a painting online, but only when you stand in front of it and really look!

  2. Rhonda I quite agree you can't beat seeing a painting for real! thanks for dropping by and thank you for your lovely comment.

  3. Good evening Lass!... Your tree study is a pleasant shift from your usually more expressive landscapes.... but both maintain your trademark ethereal palette and mood.

    Exhibitions these days are so commonplace Caroline... and often the quality visitors meet discourage further attendance at other events. Simply put... I think that the art world has been saturated... and the resulting attendance at so many events declines... not because of their quality... but rather because so many exist. Numbness has set in I'm afraid. Too bad...

    Just keep on painting and getting your work out there. Time will sort things out.

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. I'm new to your site and am so glad I found you. Your work makes my soul sing!

  5. Hi Caroline, hopefully the lower number of visitors simply means that people who are only casually interested are not bothering. That seems to be supported by the genuine interest shown by people at your exhibition. It would be more worrying if younger people don't visit exhibitions, but I don't know whether that is the case or not.

    I love your autumn painting - very mellow.

  6. Hi Keith, there were some young people and children too. On the Sunday afternoon a couple of children asked if they could come in on their own to view the art, they really enjoyed the paintings. You are right those who came, came to buy something even if it was just cards. Many thanks Keith.

  7. Caroline I absolutely love the glow you achieved in this painting. It has so much atmosphere. The colors are so subtle yet together create this beautiful tonal piece.

  8. so very beautiful and peaceful .... glad your group exhibition went well caroline